Reservation & prices

Accommodation for the night:

Sorry, but we don't accept credit cards.

Pirce per room: EUR with BF
  double room   28 EUR   37 EUR
  triple room   39 EUR   50 EUR
  4 persons room   42 EUR   59 EUR
  5 persons room   45 EUR   64 EUR


Price: EUR
  Breakfast   4 EUR *
  Dinner   6÷8 EUR *
  Supper   6 EUR *
* Prices may depend of menu.

For organised groups - 27 EUR/day per person.

  contact phone:  
  arrival date : (DD/MM/YYYY format)  
  departure date : (DD/MM/YYYY format)  

We speak in russian, czech, german and bulgarian language. We accept payment in EURO (1EUR eq. about 3,80 PLN).

We accept credit cards only as online payment.

We have our own car park

We accept pets (dogs, cats etc.) but please inform us in this from.

  • Booking confirmation will be sent as soon as possible.
  • Booking without confirmation are not guaranteed but neverthless to the best of our ability we will help you.

PTTK Hotel Kamieniec, ul. Zajazdowa 2, 32-600 Oswiecim, tel/fax.+0048 (33) 843-25-64